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About Us

Three Generations and Our Single-Family Office

Our grandfather, originally from Bremen, Germany, emigrated to Central America in 1923 after World War I. He worked tirelessly to become a very prominent entrepreneur with a focus on Real Estate Development, Pharma, Veterinary Sciences, and Agrochemicals. Our father gained the cross-functional expertise needed to manage the second-generation businesses successfully and was able to diversify into Offset Printing, Food Ingredients, and Wholesale distribution.  Bremen FO is the culmination of the third generation continuing the entrepreneurial tradition of the family and created startups in Satellite Telecommunications, Fiber Optics, Foodservice, Consumer Food Products, and Private Equity.

Family Consortium in Miami

Family Consortium in Panama

Growth into a Family Consortium

Our founder Rudi Eyl teamed up with Maria Cantor both ex-corporate bankers with the vision of not only helping the Eyl family but also a few other selected families in Central America owning operating businesses ready for exit. The Multi-Family Office was originally founded in 2011 in Panama City, Panama as Legacy Interamerican Partners (LIP). In 2014 Bremen was founded in Miami, Fl and with the help of its advisors. Since then other families have approached Bremen Family Office (BFO) to understand its structure and share experiences. We are not wealth managers and do not handle other family's money. We have become experts on applying the Single Family Office model to situations where there is an important operating business providing the wealth to the family. The Bremen team simply sits down with close family friends to understand and help with the following:

1. What are the family's goals and objectives

2. How will those goals and objectives be met by a single-family office?

3. What other possibilities are there to meet your family's goals and objectives?

4. What is the best solution for your family?

Once the objectives of the family are clear, Bremen coordinates a cohesive team of elite professionals to come up with a systematic process for the family office. This is a continuously improving bespoke model that can create many savings and opportunities for any family. 

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1555 Bonaventure Blvd.

Weston, FL 33326

(954) 595-3956

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